Cummins engines produced in the US are used in many heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, work machines, and in marine vehicles such as yachts. Cummins are also widely used in our country. The AdBlue system, Cummins brand vehicles, are also used to override Cummins adblue emulators AdBlue system. Adblue is a liquid composed of 32.5 percent urea and the remainder of water used to convert toxic gases released by vehicles into harmless gases. The vehicles are stored in a separate tank. European Union countries have obliged the adblue system to prevent environmental pollution and global warming. Now all heavy vehicles are produced with the AdBlue system. Cummins Adblue is also using emulators in cases where cancellation is required.Adblue removal is a permanent solution when there is no AdBlue liquid and the liquid in the vehicle is diminishing. When the Adblue fluid decreases, the traction power of the vehicle decreases, its performance decreases and more diesel fuel needs to be burned. If the Adblue liquid is finished, the vehicle stops. If the vehicle stops at a non-service point, you will have to call the tractor and take it to the service station. Such problems can cause you to waste time and lead to additional costs. The AdBlue system is disabled when the Cummins Adblue emulator is connected. The Adblue emulator is plugged into the electronic control unit, which we call the brain of the car. Installation is very easy and system does not damage the other systems because it works independently.The Adblue system does not show a warning on the instrument panel when it is disabled with the Cummins Adblue remove emulator. The device keeps the AdBlue fluid level at 80% and you do not need to take fluids. The Cummins emulator will not slow down your vehicle, it will not cause power loss. The emulator is also designed to eliminate adblue faults on trucks, buses and work machines that use cummins engines. Cummins Euro 6 AdBlue emulators are supported by BMC (Bus, Truck), Smileys, Otokar / Sultan – Doruk – Kent – Atlas, Akia / TCV, DAF LF, CAMC, FAW, AVIA, HAGER, KINGLONG and YOTONG brands and models. You can find the appropriate emulator for these tools at our Metadiag company. The prices of our products which are guaranteed for one year are also very suitable. You can easily install it yourself. After the assembly, the vehicle does not light up the fault light, the vehicle does not fall off the power, you will not encounter AdBlue malfunctions. You can order from anywhere in the country by filling in the request form found on our site.