Iveco heavy-duty vehicles are used extensively in our country with strong engine structure and traction power. These vehicles are used in heavy-duty conditions Euro 6 compliant and there is an adblue system in the vehicles. Due to the AdBlue system, however, adblue malfunctions frequently occur in cars. When AdBlue liquids decrease, the traction power of the vehicles decreases, the performance decreases and more diesel consumption occurs. The end of the AdBlue fluid causes the vehicle to stop. These problems are causing both of the time loss and and the additional costs. Iveco AdBlue cancellation is required to avoid these problems. Adblue is a liquid with 32.5% urea and the other part consisting of water. By using this liquid, the toxic gases coming out of the vehicles become harmless gases.The use of the Adblue system is necessary in the European countries. Big car companies produce new products with AdBlue system. All heavy duty vehicles compatible with Euro 5 and Euro 6 have the AdBlue system. Iveco Euro 6 compatible Euro Cargo, STRALIS / ACTIVE TIME, ACTIVE SPACE heavy vehicles also have this system. However, it is not possible to find AdBlue liquid everywhere. When we are not there, we have the problems that are mentioned above. The permanent solution to these problems is to connect the Iveco AdBlue emulator. The emulator called Adblue cancellation device is connected to the vehicle’s electronic control unit. The abbreviated unit as ECU is the section that supervises all the mechanical parts and their operation in the vehicle. The emulator connected to this unit disables the AdBlue system.When the Adblue system is disabled, no warning is given to the control unit, AdBlue fluid is seen at 40% to 100% levels. So you do not have to buy adblue liquid. The performance of the car is increasing, the traction is not decreasing. No more fuel is spent. With the Iveco AdBlue cancellation emulator you do not encounter AdBlue defects and you do not have any time, no extra costs. It is quite easy to mount the cancellation device. After being mounted, the fault is invalid and the vehicle is still running. You can find the AdBlue cancellation device for your Iveco branded vehicle at our Metadiag company. Our company also has compatible cancellers for every brand. The prices are suitable and guaranteed for one year. You can order the product you want by filling out the product request form from our site. Your order is sent to your address by cargo.