Nowadays it is necessary to use the adblue-scr system to reduce Nox emissions in heavy-duty vehicles. Adblue is a non-toxic liquid and is used to chemically reduce Nox emissions from diesel-fueled vehicles. It does not harm the environment. However, due to its abrasive nature, there are some special materials for storage and use. The car is stored in a special tank installed. It does not mix with other fuels. European countries and leading automobile manufacturers of our country have scr system in Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 vehicles and adblue fuel is used. Renault trucks, and buses also have an adblue-scr system. However, problems with AdBlue fuel reduction will occur with Renault Adblue removal.Adblue has many advantages. But in some countries there is adblue fuel. When the Adblue fuel is low or exhausted, the traction power of the vehicle drops, the performance is getting low, the car is starting to burn more diesel. When the Adblue fuel is low, the warning light on the instrument panel lights up and the user is warned. In addition, the end of the AdBlue fuel also causes some malfunctions in the scr system. The most obvious solution to this is to cancel the adblue. The Renault Adblue emulator is specially designed to disable the AdBlue system on vehicles D10, D WIDE 18, K 380, C 380, C 250, T 380, T 440, D SERIES, C SERIES, T SERIES. The product is mounted on the motor vehicle engine. After installation, the system is immediately disabled.As the Adblue emulator ignores the system electronically, the warning lights will no longer light in the instrument cluster. The Adblue fluid level is between 70-100 percent and there is no need to buy AdBlue fuel. The traction power of the vehicle does not decrease, it burns less diesel. The signal goes to the engine’s brain that the car is running smoothly. The Renault Adblue cancellation emulator operates independently and does not harm other vehicle systems. For Renault heavy vehicles you can buy the AdBlue emulator from Metadiag. There are suitable emulators for every brand in our company. By connecting your vehicle to the Adblue cancellation emulator you save on fuel costs and time. Our site contains information about devices. In addition, the installation of the cancellation devices is described schematically. You can also easily install the schematics by examining them. You need to fill out the request form found on our site for product order. The ordered product is sent to your address with cargo