ucks are produced by the AdBlue system in line with European standards for motor vehicles. Adblue system consists of tank and sprayer and adblue fuel is used. Adblue fuel allows toxic gas from the car to become harmless gas. The aim is to prevent global warming and environmental pollution. As is known, the release of toxic gas, especially from heavy vehicles, is one of the most important factors leading to global warming and air pollution. This is why European countries have been obliged to use AdBlue in diesel fueled vehicles. However, due to the inability to find AdBlue fuel everywhere, Scania Adblue cancellation has become mandatory. Scania buses, and trucks are driven by heavy cargo and passengers, and when the AdBlue runs out, there are various troubles.

As Adblue fuel decreases, the performance of the cars decreases and they start to burn more diesel. When the fuel runs out, they stay on the road. Attracting, taking the car to the service and having it repaired will cause both of the time frame and additional spoils. Defects also arise from the AdBlue system, and these defects are often unrecognizable. Adblue repair is a workaround. The AdBlue system must be canceled in order to avoid these problems. The cancellation of the AdBlue system in Scania brand heavy vehicles is carried out with the Scania Adblue emulator. The mounted emulator disables the AdBlue system. When the system is deactivated, the warning light does not light up on the instrument panel, the vehicle appears to be operating smoothly.

The traction force of the vehicle which is loaded with the emulator does not decrease and continues on its way. There is not much fuel burning as the traction power increases. The Scania Adblue cancellation emulator AdBlue keeps the fuel level at 80%. With the Adblue canceled, the AdBlue malfunctions in the vehicles will not come to fruition either. In addition, the emulator will not cause any damage to the other systems of the vehicle. Different cancellation emulators are used for all brands. Scania brand; Scania R series, Scania S series, Scania P series, Scania G series, Scania V8 truck series, you will find our emitter at Metadiag. Our products are first class and affordable. You can order products from anywhere of the country. You only need to fill out the request form on our site for ordering. Our sales representative will send the product you ordered to your address by cargo. The installation is also very easy and you can easily set up yourself.