Adblue Repair and Adblue Faults

Adblue Defect & Adblue Repair


Nox is a non-toxic solution used especially by heavy vehicles that reduce emissions. It is the fuel type supported by major brands such as Mercedes Axor – Actros, Man, Scania, Daf, Renault, Volvo, Iveco, Ford Cargo, Otokar, BMC, Cummins. Why is it so difficult to use? Or, in the case of questions such as why not to use it, the interests of the consumer are taken into consideration.

It applies to trucks, buses, and all other companies which are mainly consumers, is heavy vehicle owners, filars, logistics companies, companies in the construction sector. Adblue system is used in Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 model vehicles. Canceling adblue fuel for the companies and sectors we are talking about means going to a profitable and advantageous position.


Adblue system is using Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 in the adblue deposit on the adblue fuel in the case of the end of the vehicle warning and errors are encountered. At the same time your car drops to the Euro 1 level, but performance / hammer strength is noticeably reduced in size. This means that you use more of the fuel oil you have burned and that you suffer from fuel oil in serious dimensions. So you burn more diesel and also your car’s performance drops. Another cause of these faults and declines is the Adblue Malfunction. For this reason the AdBlue system needs to be seen by your car and should be functioning properly. AdBlue is used as an answer to the questions of why consumers are using AdBlue and if not AdBlue.


Firms with long-haul passengers and a super heavy-duty vehicle know how much the Adblue system is malfunctioning. Adblue malfunctions, which are more common in Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles, cause major problems. Vehicles have poor performances, and they suffer from material-weight losses such as more fuel use. If Adblue malfunction occurs, your car will warn you by giving an error, in which case your vehicle will drop to Euro 1 at Euro 5, Euro 6, and you will have problems. Why do bad AdBlue failures occur? There may be problems due to the fuel, you can get the AdBlue error systematically, you may face many unexpected mistakes that occur in AdBlue tanks. You will have to go to a competent service for understanding the problem and repairing the AdBlue, which means you will incur additional costs at the same time. The brands that are encountered with adblue defects that are encountered very often;

Audi, Man, Daf, Ford Cargo, Iveco, Mercedes, Otokar …

Certain ways of repairing and canceling the Adblue system were provided temporarily with repair resistance cabling in the old days, but today there are brand-new solutions available for adblue repairing . Thanks to the AdBlue emulator developed by Metadiag, you will be able to easily cancel the AdBlue system and you will get “zero” when you encounter an AdBlue malfunction. Thanks to the Adblue emulator, the device will keep the AdBlue liquid at 80% and at the same time it will signal that the AdBlue system is working smoothly thanks to the signal it sends to the system’s computer. This way your vehicle will not fall into performance and you will not have to buy liquid fuel. Metadiag firm was the pioneer of Emulatörler which can be considered as Adblue repair team by the public. For Adblue repairing and failure and more information you can connect with us from this page