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VEI Truck Explorer V5 features:

1- Programming of Engine ECU / Control Unit (MR, PLD) in Mercedes-Benz vehicles

2- Programming of the Driving ECU / Control Unit (FR, FMR, CPC, ADM) in Mercedes-Benz vehicles

3- Programming AdBlue ECU / Control Unit (ACM) on Mercedes-Benz vehicles

4-MAN EDC-PTM Matching

5- MAN EDC-PTR Matching

6- MAN FFR Programming

7. Key codding in MAN and Mercedes-Benz

8- Mercedes EURO 6 Speed Limit Change in Vehicles (NEW FEATURE)

9- Programming VCM ECU / Control Unit in Iveco vehicles (NEW FEATURE)

10- Programming on OBD or on-board via OBD Diagnostic Socket

11- Chip Tuning

12- Capable to extract ECU file from OBD or desktop.

13- Reading fault codes and displaying detailed information.

14- Delete AdBlue permanent fault codes.

15- Torque boost

16- Engine ECU read / write programming from OBD in Mercedes S, ML, GL Class passenger cars

17-  ECU read / write programming from OBD in Mercedes V Class, Vito, Sprinter vehicles

18- Mercedes-Benz XENTRY, DAS VeDoc and FDOK password generation

19- Copying / Cloning the ECU / Control Unit

20- Professional Technical Support

21- One year free update and technical support and more…


MAN FFR Masaüstü Uygulaması


MAN PTM Masaüstü Uygulaması

Mercedes CPC BSL

Mercedes CPC BSL Masaüstü Uygulaması

Mercedes CPC

Mercedes CPC Masaüstü Uygulaması

Mercedes Euro 6 MCM

Mercedes Euro 6 MCM Masaüstü Uygulaması

Mercedes PLD

Mercedes PLD Masaüstü Uygulaması