Race Car

When referring to the Tuning concept and its application “par excellence”, our minds instantly go to cars and off road vehicles: the possibility to customize their engines have always been considered an opportunity for professionals in the automotive fields, and not only for what concerns the performance side.

Many aspects have to be considered in relation to the engines working and its final power delivery: propulsors are built and calibrated on the basis of technical compromises, tolerances, strategic and commercial choices, etc. Despite remarkable progresses of the productive process, when released from the assembly line the engines do not offer the same working performance. Even small machining and assembling tolerances can determine mechanical unbalances, and these effects can be enhanced due to mechanical coupling, timing, balancing, etc. Moreover, manufacturers’ strategic decisions about the power and torque delivery are not always tied to the effective engine features: ‘entry leve’l versions of a model are often offered with lowered engine performances, depowered to justify aggressive marketing operations and lower price for the public. On naturally aspirated engines, a realistic target to hit is up to 5% power gain and up to 10% extra torque, due to the impossibility to vary the quantity of air inlet.

For supercharged and turbocharged engines (both diesel and gasoline), a more complete management – inclusive of injection, ignition (spark advance), boost pressure, overboost timing, etc – allows to provide realistic power and torque increases up to 25% – 30%.

On turbocharged diesel engines, moreover, the availability of higher torque at lower RPM determines positive consequences on the consumption side, which can be reduced up to 10% (for equivalent vehicle performances).

The client is also supported with a complete assortment of operative manuals, reporting simple instructions and step-by-step information about the procedure to follow.

The constant improvement of the tools and the development of new applications contributes to make Dimsport Tuning system always fully operative and kept up-to-date to support new vehicles.

It is important to mention that the Tuning line includes also Rapid (add-on modules dedicated to turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines electronically controlled) are part of the mentioned Tuning line: in some cases, these modules represent the only tuning solution available. Please consult the specific documentation and the application lists for more information.