Race Evo Software

Race Evo is a range of remapping software developed by Dimsport (available in three different versions. STANDARD, PLUS and FULL) allowing the optimization and the recalibration of the relevant engine working parameters stored into the ECU with simple and intuitive operations.

The intention is to support the user in his tuning purposes with a multilevel, professional application, for the development of better engine performances and the reduction of the fuel consumption.

The internal structure of the software collects data and information organizing their visualization in a functional database; a USB logic key (dongle) protects the user against third parts’ unauthorized access.


Organize your slave network with RACE MANAGER upgrade: upgrade is an extension of the main software working on a master system, allowing the user to manage and control a network of ‘slave’ dealers equipped with New Genius and New Trasdata tools. ‘Slave’ dealers can just read and program files exchanged with their manager and cannot exchange files with any other tuner. Database allows to classify and store all the files sent to/received from each dealer.

Choose DSMANAGER to manage slave users with other tuning softwares: DSManager is a dedicated software to tuners who prefer to develop tuned files with other platforms available on the market. DSManager can decrypt/encrypt and resize files received from New Genius allowing to manage files with other tuning softwares. No editing features are supported. A specific tool for the automatic checksum recalculation is provided with it. DSManager is the ‘light’ Race Evo version, conceived to manage a slave network without being tied to the complete editing platform.

STANDARD, PLUS, FULL Find which RACE EVO version fits your need of tuning.


Race Evo software platform recently got updated with the introduction of the so-called ‘OPTIONS’, specific features added for the electronic management of parameters frequently requested by Professionals in their everyday’s calibration work.

Race Evo software joins the diagnostic tools already in use in the workshops, allowing the operator to carry out targeted operations on individual trouble codes stored in the engine control unit reducing intervention time and costs. Race Evo ‘Options’ act in the core of the problem helping Professionals to selectively operate only when needed, even avoiding end customers to have an entire package of components replaced, in some cases.

Not only maps and setting files, then: thanks to the newly released “Options”, now Race Evo also includes the possibility to disable EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), DPF (diesel particulate filter), ADBLUE, TVA (throttle valve actuator), SWIRL (intake manifold swirl flaps), CAT (catalytic converter), and enables the DTC reset (diagnostic trouble codes) referred to the same components.