Race Tractor

Dimsport takes in great consideration the needs and requests coming from the agricultural and construction fields: “performance” in this context has to be interpreted as the possibility to operate in a more efficient way, increasing the work and reducing the fuel consumption.

Significant results are achieved through enhancements of the engine torque: also in this case, Dimsport tools allow to improve the engine efficiency by optimizing the torque delivery on the whole rpm working range.
The tangible power and torque improvements of the propeller allow to work in a more effective wayeven in such difficult conditions, while using superior gear ratio at lower rpm and therefore saving fuel.


The reading and programming operations on agricultural vehicles and construction machineries are generally achieved by New Genius, which is connected to the vehicle diagnostic socket thanks to a complete range of specific wirings and diagnostic connectors.

As alternative, New Trasdata and – for limited applications – New Genius support operations performed directly on the ECU. Also for these vehicles, a complete assortment of operative manuals permit the identification of the correct procedure, thanks to simple instructions and a step-by-step method. Great importance assumes the development of the new models, for a complete range of vehicles supported.

It is important to mention that the Tuning line includes also Rapid add-on modules dedicated to turbo-diesel engines electronically controlled: in some cases, these modules represent the only tuning solution available. In order to obtain more information, please consult the specific Rapid documentation and the application lists.