Race Truck

The Tuning line dedicated to the professionals of the road (buses, heavy duty trucks and light commercial vehicles) aims at reducing the fuel consumption through enhancements of the engine torque.

Dimsport tools allow to optimize the torque delivery on the whole rpm working range: the result is the improved engine efficiency an the consequent possibility to use a superior gear ratio at lower rpm (characterized by minor specific consumption).
The increase of torque and engine efficiency determines reductions of the fuel consumption up to 10%.


A complete range of wirings and diagnostic connectors specifically released for buses, heavy duty trucks and light commercial vehicles allows New Genius to perform on-board serial reading and programming operations on european and extra-european vehicles.

A complete assortment of operative manuals provide simple instruction and step-by-step information about the procedure to follow. The constant development of new applications permits the complete coverage of brands and vehicle range existing on the market.

It is important to mention that the Tuning line includes also Rapidadd-on modules dedicated to turbo-diesel engines electronically controlled: in some cases, these modules represent the only tuning solution available. In order to obtain more information, please consult the specific Rapid documentation and the application lists.