What İs Rapid

Dimsport’s Rapid plug&play modules are a solid solution for the optimisation of turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol engines, embracing a very diverse range of needs, from the need for increased torque-power to fuel consumption optimisation in cars, trucks, tractors and boats.

With a track record of over one hundred modules installed, Rapid stands out in the market for its quality and reliability through the use of automotive components, materials and standards, guaranteeing ongoing development and research into new applications, in addition to the standard calibration tests carried out in our various branches.

Rapid users enjoy a range of personalised services, including training courses, real-time sales and technical assistance, as well as detailed manuals with step-by-step illustrations to guide them through the installation process.


The path taken in 1995 with the first analogue products, continued with the launch of the first digital LPI platforms for turbo-diesel engines in 2004. Pressure optimisation developed alongside this, as did the management of injection times, thus diversifying products for different applications. This led to the creation of winning XTI platforms (trucks and tractors), LPDs (Toyota) and BHV (BMW and other brands).

2014 saw the birth of the TPM technology platform, which initially focused exclusively on turbo-petrol engines and came with a professional fine-tuning software that accompanies the “legendary” calibration console.
In 2016 TPM technology was extended to turbo-diesel engines in order to maintain the high optimisation level guaranteed by DIMSPORT in new-generation cars too.