Cummins diagnostic tool

Metadiag is the biggest enterprise of our country which sells and markets the diagnostic devices used in the repair of heavy equipment vehicles. Today, technology is very developed and heavy vehicle tools and machines are produced with advanced technology. Newly manufactured vehicles have electronic controls and all parts and functions of the vehicle are managed in this unit. The faults from the vehicle are recorded in this unit which we call the brain. Due to these features, the failure detection of new production vehicles can not be done with the old methods. Faults are now being made with electronic fault detection devices. The Cummins fault finding device is used to diagnose, calibrate and program the Cummins engine on work machines, trucks, agricultural machinery, marine craft.The Cummins diagnostics electronic service diagnostic program allows Cummins electronic motors to be tested and their faults eliminated. The features of the Cummins diagnostics device include road and vehicle information, parameter and property adjustment, diagnostics, installation schemes and part location views, step-by-step guided troubleshooting, fault list information, error codes and explanations of causes, motor diagnostic tests, system, fuel consumption test, improved ECM safety, and calibration. These features make service companies and repairers very easy to work with. Every service and repairer must have this device.Accurate and rapid fault detection on heavy vehicles and on work machines is very important. Incorrectly diagnosed faults delay repairs, lead to loss of work, time, and the economic loss. The tool is very easy to use. Metadiag also provides technical support and training support for the use of cummins diagnostic devices and other brand devices. All of our products are guaranteed by our firm for a year. We are changing with defective products. We have breakdown detectors that support every brand of work machine and heavy vehicle. Our sales representative will inform you about purchasing the product that suits you. To order the product, please fill in the request form on our website and send it to us. Your order will be sent to your address by cargo.