Trouble detectors are the devices that are used to detect malfunctions in the vehicle. These devices are connected to each other by means of which they can easily detect and repair any parts and systems in the vehicle. Today’s vehicles produced with the latest technologies have an electronic control unit called ECU which manages all the parts and functions of the vehicle. Defects in the parts or systems are transmitted to the user with warning light on the instrument panel. However, which part is faulty is determined by the fault detection device.In our country, too, there are many heavy vehicle brands. Each brand’s fault finding device is different. Daf brand heavy vehicles, trucks and buses are used for daf malfunction detection device.Developed using the latest technologies, the VCI-560 diagnostic device is a powerful device. Can bus, K line and L line diagnostic systems provide fast and accurate detection. The device is connected with the cables and the fault is clearly seen on the computer. The location of the defective part, why the fault is coming to the water and how to repair it is also seen in detail. VCI-560 malfunction detection device supports many languages such as Turkish, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. The device can diagnose and program CAB air conditioning system, safety systems, protection systems, transmission systems, vehicle control system, door control system, indicator group, motor system, tachograph, communication systems and brake systems.Daf diagnostic devices are sold in the set and have the VCI-560 Interface, CVI-USB cable, vehicle connection cable set and carrying case in the set. The weight of the VCI-560 diagnostic device is 1.1 kg. It takes its energy from the car, it works between 8 and 32V DC. Rated current Max. It’s 1 A. The device is guaranteed for one year. At our Metadiag you can find a breakdown detector in every model that is compatible with your vehicle’s brand. Our company always keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground. For this purpose, after-sales installation and technical support service, education support services are also provided. You can order the product that you want by filling in the claim form on our site.