Ford Cargo

Ford Cargo trucks and heavy duty vehicles are equipped with diagnostic tools to detect faults in vehicles quickly and accurately. Ford Cargo trucks and heavy vehicles are the most used vehicles in our country. For this reason, maintenance and repair operations are also very intensive. Electronic faults can easily be detected and repaired. The Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 assisted fault detection device, Samtek, reports the faults that occur in the engine and suspension systems and eliminates error records. The Samtek Ford Cargo trouble shooter monitors all of your vehicle’s features, functions and parameters. It is easy to diagnose and repair.The Samtek ford cargo tester is the only device that can solve problems with the engine and suspension. It reads many sensor information, injector test, compression test, such as engine fault reading, erasing, brain information display, injection quantity, engine speed, turbo pressure, fuel pressure. Suspension reads and deletes malfunctions, displays brain information, reads sensor information, updates ECU, changes speed limit. The product picks up electricity from the car without needing to charge it. There is a need for a computer and an effective connector to operate the device. The device can perform all these operations by interfacing. One year warranty. In case of error and fault, it is replaced with new one.Diagnostic devices are different for every brand of vehicle. At Metadiag we have breakdown devices that support heavy duty vehicles of every brand. Ford cargo fault detectors are also manufactured for the repair of ford cargo trucks and other heavy vehicles. You can learn about our compatible devices from our site or our sales representative. With your vehicle’s fault detection devices, the faults in your car are quickly and accurately detected, the location of the faulty part, the cause of the fault and how to repair it. All ford cargo services have a Samtek fault finding device and faults are detected correctly. You can order the product you need by filling out the request form on our site. Your product is sent to your address by cargo.