Devices that detect faults in the vehicle are called fault detectors. Failures may occur in every brand and every kind of vehicle. Fast and accurate detection of malfunctions is only possible with fault detection devices manufactured with new technologies. However, each brand car has different fault detection devices supported by it. These devices are integrated with computers and cables and transmit error codes. The installation and use of the devices is very simple. It helps to resolve the error that is delivered with updated software. The Iveco fault detection device is also used for fault detection of Iveco brand trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.The Iveco EASY Eltrac diagnostic device is genuine and has wireless capability. Fast and reliable should be available for everyday use in all iVeco services. The wireless connection allows for fault detection and activator testing next to the vehicle. Its convenience is not limited to cables. It is able to read the system parameters wirelessly. You can use the Iveco EASY Eltrac to perform fault code reading, deleting, displaying live values, parts tests, service light extinguishing in vehicles. The device supports many languages ​​such as Turkish, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Iveco EASY Eltrac 2014 2015 All licenses for buses, trucks, heavy vehicles and work machines are fully open.It is important to identify the fault in the vehicle quickly and accurately. Otherwise, the fixing and repairing process lasts several days, which causes both raw time loss and economic loss. The development of technology has accelerated the work in this area. With the electronic Iveco fault detection devices, accurate and fast detection can be performed, the location of the defective part, the cause of the fault and how to repair it are learned. All our devices at Metadiag are guaranteed for one year. By filling out the product request form found on our site, you can place an order for the desired product anywhere you go. Our sales representative gives you detailed information about the product by contacting you. We also have after-sales technical support and training support services.