Diagnostic devices are devices used to detect malfunctions in vehicles and to learn what is causing the malfunction and how to repair it. In the next generation vehicles all parts and functions of the vehicle are controlled by an electronic control center called ECU. Manages ECU systems, sets parameters and variables. By means of the connected fault detection device, the information in the control unit can be accessed and faults can be easily detected. Different devices and software are used for each brand vehicle. Man heavy trucks and buses with man cats T200 malfunction detection device is easily detected in the malfunctions and how to repair the fault is learned. Man malfunction detector supports truck, bus and all other heavy vehicles.Man cats T200 supports Turkish, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian and many other languages. Without this device, even the smallest operations can not be performed on man vehicles. The original man cats II software has many features such as defining the control unit, reading the fault memory, displaying the measured values ​​and displaying system information. Generally, error detection devices are used to read fault codes, adapt and calibrate, reset service lights, display brain information, read sensor information, change speed limit injector test, update ECU information, ABS fault detection. vehicles, trucks and buses, and Man TGX Series, Man TGS Series, Man TGM Series, Man TGL Series.The systems supported by the Man cats T200 diagnostic device are electronically controlled air suspension, engine regulation, electronic brake systems, retarder, gearbox, air conditioning systems, central computer, door module and airbag. This product package includes T200 communication interface, OBD 2 cable, 12-pin cable, network cable. The device is extremely easy to use. A computer, a device and a cable are connected to each other to detect faults easily, the defective part is seen and how to repair it is learned. At Metadiag we have a breakdown device for every brand of vehicle. You can order products by filling out the request form on our website. Our sales representative will give you detailed information about the product and the order.