Renault heavy vehicles are the most preferred vehicles in our country due to their high performance with low fuel consumption. Failures frequently occur in renault heavy vehicles, which have a high business volume. Repair failures will also take a long time if defects arriving in the square can not be detected on time and correctly. This will both cause the user or the company to lose time and cause economic losses. The last produced renault heavy vehicles are in the European standards and have electronic control units. The ECU manages the operation of all parts and systems in the vehicle. When an error or fault occurs in the vehicle, the warning lamps on the control unit light up. The faults are detected easily and accurately by the Renault Fault Finder.Faults and failures of Renault Euro 5 heavy vehicles are detected by means of a fault finding device, the location of the fault and the part of the fault are determined, the cause of the fault and how it is repaired.Thanks to the device, the work efficiency of the companies that see and repair the vehicle increases. Faster and correct repair is done. In this way, the user and the company of the vehicle also do not experience of time loss and the economic loss. Renault’s fault finding device has features such as reading and deleting faults in the vehicle, troubleshooting faults such as abs problems, testing and analyzing the system, and injector coding.Renault diagnostic tools used in Renault heavy vehicles are manufactured by our Metadiag company. With this device, light extinguishing, fault reading is done. The appliance is a premium quality product. The customer is presented in the original bag. Our product is guaranteed for a year and replaced with a new one. Today, there are different diagnostic devices for all brands of heavy vehicles. You will find fault finding devices compatible with your vehicle at our Metadiag. Wired or wireless connection can be made to the vehicles with electronic diagnostic devices and remote diagnosis can be done. You can place the order of the fault finding device you want by filling out the claim form on our site. When your request form is sent to us, our sales representative will call you and get the necessary information and send it to you by cargo.