Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Tools

On heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks, the electronic control unit, which is located on both the mechanical components and on the operating means of the systems, is supervised. Faults and failures are signaled to the user with warning lights. The electronic control unit, which monitors engine electronic systems, brake electronic systems, fuel, suspension and adblue systems, is defined as the brains of vehicles. This feature in modern vehicles allows easy detection and repair of faults in the vehicle. Fault detection is made easily with the heavy vehicle diagnostic system. This requires a device, a computer and a cable. The device is connected to the cables by cables, and malfunctions are detected. However, each brand has a different diagnostic device. However, each brand has a different diagnostic device.Man, mercedes benz, renault, volvo, daf trucks and buses specially produced detection devices for other brands also supports. Reading and deleting the fault code, reading the sensor values, extinguishing the fault warning lights, remote control coding are available in the diagnostic devices. After the fault is detected, the vehicle parts are dismantled and the fault is repaired. The warning lights go out after the repair is complete. At Metadiag we have suitable diagnostic tools for trucks, buses and trucks of all brands. Our product range is guaranteed to our company for one year. We are one of the leading companies in the sector with our products and service quality.Many companies sell their 2nd and 3rd quality products by saying original. These products are not warranted and technical support is not provided. Our products are the first class and guaranteed for one year. In addition to after-sales technical support, we also provide training support. Heavy vehicle diagnostic devices are sold at different prices according to their brands and specifications. The product package contains the diagnostic equipment, computer, cable and user manual. We ship goods to all over Turkey by cargo. We do the installation on site in sales in Istanbul. In other areas, we are installing remotely. We have all varieties of vehicles you look for under the heavy vehicle brand. Thanks to these modern devices, fault detection and repair are easy