Jcb diagnostic tool

Every day thousands of work machines are used in the industry and in the field, in construction work, road construction and maintenance, in field excavations, digging and loading, and more. Today’s machines have much more advanced features than their predecessors and are equipped with advanced technology and electronic systems. The electronic control unit in the machines manages all of these systems. Failures from the vehicle are transmitted to the user on the instrument panel. However, it is not possible to identify and repair the defects of these new generation machines with old technologies. Electronic fault detection devices specially designed for work machine malfunctions are used. Jcb fault finding device is one of them and it is used for fault finding of work machines such as Jcb bucket, excavator, tractor, forklift.

With this device, faults in the vehicle are detected accurately and quickly. You can learn which part or system is in the fault, why the fault is caused and how to repair it. Perform sensor and parameter measurements, program and calibration update operations. The features of the device are reading fault code – deleting fault code, displaying live values, injector compression tests, track activations, calibration reset. Jsb electronic service tool diagnostic interface, 9 pin and 6 pin cable, usb cable, software CD are included in the package of the diagnostics device. Installation and use is quite easy.

Jcb diagnostic devices, which give speed and accuracy to failure diagnosis and repair of business machines, prevent time loss and economic losses in diagnosis and repair operations. This is very important for the failure of business. For this reason, it is a necessary device to be found in all services and repair shops. You will find this device at our most affordable prices in Metadiag. At Metadiag we have fault detection devices that support all brand machines. Our products are guaranteed from our company for one year. Our sales representative will give you the information about which vehicle you will buy under the name of the work machine. You only need to fill out the request form on our site for the order of the product that is suitable for you. Your product is sent to your address by cargo. Metadiag will provide you with the guarantee that your diagnostic services will increase your service efficiency.