New Holland diagnostic tool

As the technology is developed, the machines that are used in the industry and in the field also diversified. Today, there are a variety of work machines used in various jobs. In the construction sector, construction machinery, which have various functions in road construction, maintenance and repair works, infrastructure works, agriculture, mining, are working. In addition, today’s machines are manufactured with technology. Newly manufactured machines are equipped with electronic control units, which we call the brain and short for ECU. These units manage all parts and functions of the vehicle. Because of these features, it is not possible to detect the malfunctions of the vehicles with the old methods. Electronic fault detection devices are now being produced and these devices connected to the vehicle detect faults in the vehicle.

New Holland fault finding device is mainly used for troubleshooting tractors and agricultural machinery. This device works with EST software. New Holland (agriculture and construction), New Holland (Fiat-Kobelko), New Holland O & K, Iveco, Steyr brands. New Holland’s fault finding device is performing fault code reading and wiping, vivid values display, cylinder compaction tests, injector on and off tests, programming-parameter editing, wiring diagrams, repair instructions, service light resetting. Languages supported by the device are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Metadiag is one of the addresses where you will find the fault detection devices used for troubleshooting machine tools and heavy vehicle vehicles. You can find the fault finding device for all our machines at our company.

New Holland fault detectors are interconnected by cables and communicate with the vehicle’s brain. He reads the data in his brain and sees the records of the malfunctions. You can learn in which part the fault is, where the part is, the causes of the fault, and how to repair it with the aid of the fault finding device. Due to these technological features, faults are detected quickly and accurately. For this reason, all services and repairs must have this device. Quick and accurate detection of failures will prevent work and time loss, economic losses. All the diagnostic devices on our site are guaranteed for one year. In the event of a malfunction, the device will be replaced with a new one. You will need to fill out the request form on our website for ordering. Your order will be shipped to everywhere in your home.